Underfloor heating – modern efficiency from the ground up

Electricity suppliers are moving over to renewable energy sources, Norfolk has vast fields of solar panels – supplying local consumers at prices to rival that from nuclear sources such as EDF. Gas is classed a brown energy, it cannot offer the same levels of environmental benefits as wind or solar energy.

The benefits of developing heating that can run efficiently on electricity are almost future proofing the market.

Common sense heating

By heating from the ground up, we can maximise on the energy use, by heating the floor you get to enjoy the warmth before it dissipates through windows or roofs.

The installation is simple, the technology even more so. The cost of installing heating into a floor is minimal, and the heat goes into the floor material directly. The floor ordinarily retains the warmth for longer than a metal radiator, depending on the material used for the floor.

Numerous benefits of underfloor heating

There are no expensive plumber services required, there is no boiler, no radiator bleeding to be done, no water leaks.

In short, as long as there is an electricity supply, underfloor heating offers an excellent way of heating a room. The safety risks are low and the benefits numerous, more efficient heating combined with good attention to insulation can make adding an extra room to your home affordable on long term costs.

modest tool shed and garden room

Upgraded garden room and tool storage

Tool shed upgraded to a smart garden room and tool storage, bi-folding doors allow the garden to be enjoyed on the best days and pleasing on the eye, both during the day and at night.


Need something bigger?

For larger building’s our group company Modular Works can provide a modular build system to meet most requirements. Having recently completed a bespoke designed building for Framingham Earl High School as featured. We provide a turnkey service to include design, planning and construction by our own fully qualified staff.