Q: What sort of base is required?

Our buildings use a straight-forward installation method which can be adapted to suit each site.

If your site is relatively firm and well drained, then a simple galvanised steel base can be installed. The base can either have legs, which act as bearing piles when submerged into the ground, or alternatively, we can use Jackpads which sit on the existing level surface without the requirement for excavation. This method has planning control approval for its design and installation.

Please contact us on 01603 389389 to discuss the location of your building and we will be able to advise over the phone, prior to a full site survey.

The price we quote, following a survey, includes all the associated costs for your building. There are no hidden extras – you simply sit back and let us take care of the entire project, from planning right through to final painting, and we can even carry out the landscaping in order to ensure that your new building complements its surroundings.


Q: Who installs the electrical cables?

Every building we supply comes with all the electrical systems you desire, from underfloor heating through to the latest LED lighting panels and even WiFi. You specify what you would like and we will supply it.

Your new building will be connected to your existing electrical supply by our qualified electricians who will run an  armoured underground steel cable from your house to the new building. This is all part of the turnkey service we provide.

Yes, our garden rooms and home extensions are designed to fully comply with Part L of the 2016 Building Regulations. This means that we install fully-insulated floor, walls and roof suitable for a full-time dwelling. Alongside the insulation, we can also install underfloor heating for that warm-floor feeling, making our buildings suitable for  use all year round.

Our  buildings are designed to carry in excess of one metre of snow on the roof.


Q: What’s so important about Building Regulations?

If you plan on using your garden room for more than 6 months of the year then it needs to be heated.

If you heat a room then it’s best if you insulate the room also.

Part L of the Building Regulations is a very tough test of how well your building is insulated and, in particular, how much energy is required to heat and cool your building. Our garden rooms exceed Part L of Building Regulations, ensuring a warm, cosy room in the winter and a nice cool room in the summer.


Q: Do I need Planning Permission?

In order to comply with Permitted Development (i.e. no Planning Permission required) you must stick to some simple rules.

• The maximum height of the building must not be greater than 2.5m
• The building must be at least 1m from the boundary
• The building must not take up more than 50% of the garden
• The building must not be between the existing house and the road (i.e. front garden)

The other exceptions are if the building is listed or in a conservation area, where planning approval must be sought.

And that’s it!

All of our buildings are designed to comply with the regulations specified and a site survey will confirm boundary restrictions.

Feel free to give us a call on 01603 389389 and we can give you more advice.


Q: How long does it take to install a garden room?

Much of our work is done off-site so, when we arrive, we are ready to begin the installation process on day one. Typically, a garden room of 3m x 4m takes a week to install – including plastering, painting, flooring etc. We start on Monday and give you the keys on Friday.


Q: What materials are used to make a garden room?

• Base: Galvanised steel frame
• Floor: 150mm SIP (Structural Insulated Panel)
• Walls: 100mm SIP + Plasterboard + external cladding
• Roof: 150mm SIP + plasterboard + EPDM rubber roof membrane
• Cladding: timber (Cedar, Redwood, Thermowood), Hardie Planks (cement board), Rockpanel (ultra-modern metallic panels)


Q: How long will my building last?

The materials we use have been chosen and designed to ensure longevity. As the building structure is fully-protected from the elements – by use of a breathable membrane – there is no risk of rot. The steel frame is hot-dip galvanized and the EPDM roof material has a working life of over 50 years.

We use the best-quality door and window systems on the market. The doors and windows are designed for domestic use and comply with all of the relevant legislation for security, safety and energy efficiency. We also offer bi-folding doors as an option.

We offer a 10-year guarantee on the structure and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on the doors and windows.

All of our manufacturing and installation team are trained professionals with many years of experience, ensuring the building is completed to the highest standards.


Q: How do I place an order?

In order to allow us to supply a detailed quotation, you can phone us or complete the enquiry form on this website. Alternatively, you can make an appointment to drop by and view our show buildings.

Once your specification has been agreed and you are happy with the price, you will then be required to pay a small deposit in order to secure an installation date.

Prior to installation we require the balance of a 25% deposit, based upon the total cost of the project.

The project will be moving quickly, so no interim payments are required for a standard garden building

The final 75% payment is required upon completion of the project.

Deposit by can be paid by cheque, bank transfer or credit card (although the latter is subject to a 3% handling fee).

For a full copy of our Terms please see Full Terms Conditions.


Q: Can a garden building be attached to the rear of my house?


As our buildings are built to a high specification and comply with building regulations, they are suitable for use as an extension to the rear of your house. It is a very straightforward process for us to install the new building and then remove your existing rear doors to create a fantastic open-plan kitchen, living or dining space.

If you would like to discuss what’s possible then don’t hesitate to call us for technical advice on 01603 389389.

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Need something bigger?

For larger building’s our group company Modular Works can provide a modular build system to meet most requirements. Having recently completed a bespoke designed building for Framingham Earl High School as featured. We provide a turnkey service to include design, planning and construction by our own fully qualified staff.